Valuable industry experience combined with deep customer insights enables us to identify and anticipate needs in the global automotive space.


The journey of the Vikas Group is a testament to the extraordinary leadership and visionary outlook of its founder. The same desire to excel and the commitment to world-class quality that was evident when the company was established back in 1982, is still ingrained in the very fabric of the company. Exceptional technology & innovation, customer-focused, nimble market strategy and strong technical collaborations are just some of the factors that have propelled the Vikas Group ahead to keep growing from strength to strength.

With the passage of time, we have adapted, improvised and continued to maintain our standards, cementing our reputation as a reliable and quality-driven partner to top players in the automotive industry. Over the three decades of being in business, some particularly important events have helped us forge the route to success. Listed below are the milestones in our history:

Milestone Milestone Milestone