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Vikas Doowon, a landmark collaboration between the Vikas Group and Doowon Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd., a distinguished subsidiary of the Doowon Group of Korea, is set to revolutionize the Indian bus air conditioning market. Established through a strategic 60:40 joint venture, our mission is to design and manufacture advanced air conditioning systems for the burgeoning electric bus (EV Bus) segment in India. This partnership merges global expertise with local market insight, positioning us at the forefront of automotive innovation.

The Doowon Group's impressive legacy, with a turnover of $2.4 billion and a global workforce of over 4000 employees, Vikas Doowon is grounded in a rich heritage of automotive excellence. We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced and efficient automotive solutions. By leveraging our combined technical expertise, robust R&D capabilities, and comprehensive manufacturing excellence, we aim to deliver innovative and path-breaking air conditioning solutions tailored for the Indian bus sector.


To materialize our vision, Vikas Doowon has established a manufacturing facility in Faridabad, Haryana.It signifies our dedication to becoming the specialized supplier of bus air conditioning systems across the country, setting new standards in the industry.


Vikas Doowon provides complete range of Bus Air conditioners ranging from 15 kW to 45 kW capacity suitable for 7 mtr to 12 mtr buses, and its product portfolio includes:

  • Root Top AC Units for Diesel/ CNG & EV Buses,
  • AC Compressors for IC Engine Buses (555cc /650cc)
  • AC Compressors for EV Buses (45cc/80cc)
  • Control Units for the Thermal management of the passenger space
  • Integrated Subsystems & Controls for the Thermal management of the Battery pack and the Passenger space


  • High cooling performance and air flow volume achieved by aerodynamically designed air path. Coupled with a highly efficient Heat exchangers and thoroughly optimized refrigerant circuit delivers the highest capacity in its class
  • Slim and curved design fits nicely onto the roof of the bus, creating a smooth integration of the AC system onto the bus.
  • Fuel saving achieved by efficient refrigeration cycle with the new multi-flow condenser and front design optimized air intake.
  • Reduced refrigerant charge due to MFC technology
  • High reliable BLDC Fans & Blowers, low noise level and power consumption
  • Light weight body design from strong, high reliable weather resistant FRP materials


VIKAS DOOWON is working with potential customers: Tata Motors, JBM and PMI

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