This Is Vikas


Rising with Innovation

  • Started with world-class quality

  • Maruti Suzuki, 1985

    First Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company in India.

  • First Nocolok Brazing Furnace in India

  • M&M Scorpio export in 2006

    First to Design and Develop Euro IV Catalytic Converter in India

  • M&M 2007

    First to Introduce EGR Cooler in India and Local Manufacturing and R&D.

  • Honda Cars, 2012

    First to Set up Scroll Compressor in India

  • First to Set up Local Aluminum Extrusion For Micro Channel Tube

  • M&M, 2017

    First to Manufacture IHX technology in India

  • Indian Army, 2018

    First to Develop Individual Crew Cooling System For Tracked Gun.

  • Volvo Eicher, 2018

    First to Get Euro VI Homologation Achieved for CNG Application

  • First to Introduce External Variable Compressor in India

  • Tata Motors, 2019 & Bajaj 2019

    First to Locally Design, Develop Battery Cooling System in India