Social Responsibility

At Vikas Group, Vikas means sustainable development for all. Its Corporate Vision ‘Let us develop with wisdom and prosper in harmony’ is the guiding principle for all its business practices and the foundation of its core CSR philosophy.


In fact, as a responsible corporate citizen, coming true on its responsibilities towards a better environmesnt and society is integral to its activities.

Driven from the heart, its Corporate HR Team, along with employee spouses, fulfils on its far-reaching CSR initiatives across a wide range of causes with a special focus on Education, Health and Environment.

Key CSR Engagements

Vikas Group annual tree plantation

With the target to green at least 10% of its land, Vikas Group companies organize annual tree plantation drives in company premises and nearby areas. CSR members also conduct regular awareness sessions on Waste Management and the 3Rs of ‘Recycle, Reuse and Reduce’ for employees and adjacent communities.

Setting up several participative committees to encourage people participation in CSR, Vikas Group routinely organizes activities aimed at sustainable development and encourages employees to volunteer their resources and time towards social causes in any possible capacity and extent. Adopting villages and movements for ecological preservation and sustainable development, the Group actively provides aid to economically weaker sections like homeless and orphans and supports relief activities for victims of natural calamities in any part of the country.


Besides facilitating education for underprivileged children, Vikas Group provides education support to the workers ward at Group Level. A front runner in Government of India’s Skilling India Mission, the Group conducts skilling up trainings for diploma freshers from across the country, improving their employability quotient.


The second area of focus is health for all. Vikas Group organizes regular health camps and extends other medical support in different parts of Haryana. Distribution of free medicines and blood donation camps are other on-going initiatives.