Life @ Vikas

At Vikas Group, we believe in celebrating Success. Their achievements dedication and commitment well recognized and their wellbeing rooted in the Group’s responsible corporate culture, our 4000 plus employees ensure the dynamism of brand Vikas.

Acquiring, developing and retaining a pool of high-calibre talent; enabling and empowering our employees to be creative and innovative; establishing systems and practices for maintaining transparency, fairness and equity; creating a culture of continuous learning, competitiveness and excellence; and respecting ethics, values and good governance – is our mantra.

A value driven organization, we respect and care for our work force and create powerful motivators engendering breakthrough efforts and contributions that, in turn, boost morale, enthusiasm and productivity. The premium we put on high standards of trust, ethics, integrity, creativity, innovation and equal opportunity without discrimination besides recognition and rewards, has created a people system that delights our customers and stakeholders through practices, policies, systems and processes.

4000+ Employees

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The Vikas Culture

Superior technology may differentiate us from our peers, yet it is the commitment and passion of our people to steer the company’s vision ahead, which sets us apart. From the very outset, Vikas Group believes that people are our most valuable resource.

Our unique HR culture of continuous learning and development for all our people, manifests through our passion for nurturing individual talents and facilitating employees’ growth. We understand that empowerment and trust are key elements that foster team spirit, innovation and our success.

Focusing on employees’ advancement and encouraging employee contribution through various schemes, we have instituted a defined process for identifying individual development needs. Based on an astute Performance Management System, strategic business needs and competency mapping, we create individual development plans for each employee.

In Vikas lexicon, one word which perfectly describes us is ‘Agile.’  The word ‘Agile’ symbolizes

At Vikas Group, being accountable means taking ownership and initiative – to commit to a goal and then achieve it through open, proactive communication. Informed about the status of ongoing tasks, team work delivers on time, every time. Always taking responsibility for the results, our leadership and management have built a culture of trust which is the backbone of our high-performing teams.

Providing opportunities for personal and professional growth to our employees, we believe that ability and talent can be developed through effort, informed strategies and high quality mentoring. Guided by our core value of ‘Challenge & Innovation,’ we encourage our employees to embrace new areas of work, new technologies and ideas through curiosity, learning and discipline.

Recognition and appreciation through focused annual interventions strengthens interdependence at Vikas Group. As an organization, we deeply value ‘Respect & Discipline’ as a core value. Respect for diversity, talent and abilities of co-workers and adopting a win-win approach for managing conflict is deeply embedded in our work culture. Instant gratification tools and more focused theme orientated appreciation tools are adequately used by our leadership to foster a cohesive, goal oriented workforce.

Vikas Group’s Leadership Team continually focuses on nurturing a work culture where employees thrive. They reinforce organizational values through goal setting, creating opportunities for employees to take initiative and recognizing achievements. Frequent one-on-ones and regular two-way feedback elevate employee confidence and commitment. This open door policy encourages employees to give feedback for improvements, engages them with the Group’s core purpose and galvanizes them to ‘Show up and take charge.’

Vikas Group has the organizational capacity and structure that empowers employees in the pursuit of excellence. Not ad hoc problem solving, but a systemic approach to generate desired results. Abreast with the company’s vision, our employees understand their own roles, responsibilities and the specific actions they need to take to achieve this vision. Every employee is supported and encouraged to become a master in their role and area of expertise. High performers are nurtured, rewarded, mentored and recognized while others are coached to move into the high performance category.