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Founded in 1982 with a core ideology of ‘Wisdom and Harmony, Challenge & Innovation,’ Vikas Group today enjoys a robust presence at 20 locations as a prominent market player in all its segments.


Vikas Group, a reputed manufacturer of a wide spectrum of world-class products across applications in the automotive solutions and retail space, is a well-diversified industry leader with several firsts to its credit. Acknowledged globally as a provider of end-to-end thermal management solutions and complete emissions systems solutions, it is one of India’s leading manufacturers of Compressors, Hoses & Pipes and Aluminium Heat Exchangers with several patents to its credit.

Driven by excellence, powered by innovation, the Group is always among the first to usher in breakthrough products and technologies relevant to the times. This reflects in its entire product range in all its domains of Automotive Air-Conditioning, Heat Exchangers, Emission After Treatment, Precision Machined Components.

Astutely identifying customer needs and accordingly partnering with global technology leaders are the hallmarks of its four-decade-long journey of success. Joint ventures with global automotive tech giants – Sanden Corporation, Japan ; SATA Spa, Italy; Sejong Industrial Co Ltd , Korea ; Total Emission Solution Korea Co Ltd (TESK), Korea ; Benling Scroll Compressor Co Ltd, China - give Vikas Group its unmatched technological edge.

Thirteen state-of-the-art manufacturing units in Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, 3 highly rated R&D centers, 3 satellite warehouses in Chennai, Pune and Gujarat, and a 4000 strong skilled, empowered and dedicated manpower base are the bulwark of its enduring success.

With its extensive portfolio of products and solutions, the Group supplies to eminent OEMs across various automotive segments, right from 2/3 wheelers, passenger cars, utility vehicles and commercial vehicles to off-road applications.

Our Product Range Includes

  • Automotive Air-Conditioning

    Compressor, HVAC & Hose Pipes

  • Heat Exchangers

    Condenser, Heater Core, Evaporator, Oil Cooler, Radiator

  • Emission After Treatment Systems

    Catalytic convertor assemblies with substrate, coating & canning operations

  • Precision machined components

    Exhaust Manifolds, Flywheels, Differential Case, Compressor parts and laser fractured connecting rod

  • Iron Casting Component

    For Brake System, Engine System, Transmission System

  • Non-ferrous castings and non-ferrous extrusions of special profiles

With a focus on Technology and constant endeavor towards operational excellence, the group has been able to develop strong organizational capabilities in the respective areas in order to be future ready and embrace challenging situations.

  • Thermal Management Solutions portfolio comprises:
    • Compressor
    • HVAC Unit
    • Cooling Unit
    • Condenser
    • Evaporator
    • Heater Core
    • Hose & Pipe
    • IHX
    • Oil Cooler (2W) and Radiator (2W)
    • Extruded Tubes and Motor.
  • Emission Control Solutions portfolio includes:
    • Catalytic Converter
    • Muffler Assembly
    • Resonator
    • After Treatment System- Hot end
    • After Treatment System-Cold end
    • Metal Substrate
    • Coated Metal
    • Ceramic Substrate.
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Vikas Group has an annual manufacturing capacity of 2 million compressors, 8 mn H&P, 0.5 mn HVAC, 1 mn Condenser, 1.5 Mn Oil cooler, 1 Mn Radiator, 1 mn 2W metallic brazed substrate, 2.5 mn Metal substrate & Ceramic substrate coating facility, 0.3 mn Bigger size brazed substrate besides a special facility for Ceramic canning with GBD mechanism of 1 mn capacity.

In step with the times, Vikas Group is a pioneer in Electric Vehicle (EV) Thermal Management Systems. Vikas Group currently holds more than 85% market share in battery cooling systems and a varied range of EV compressors. In the emission products category, it’s one of the few companies that have coating, canning and substrate manufacturing under one roof.

With a turnover of 275 Million USD, Vikas Group is dedicated to meeting the ever evolving demands of the Automotive Component Industry.

Constantly developing strong organizational capabilities and operational excellence, focused on cutting edge technology, Vikas Group is future-ready as it aspires to be the first choice of its customers worldwide.

The group today has a manpower strength of over

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We wish to be a Group with cutting-edge technology & world class product profiles driven by innovation.