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Defence- Power & Cooling Solutions

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Defence

The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is an independent system integrated within the tank, providing auxiliary power to the on-board electrical systems. It also enables recharging of the vehicle batteries.

Technical Description-

  • APU Dry Weight - 450 kg
  • APU Dimensions- 1045 mm(L) x 779mm (w) x 704mm (H).
  • Fuel capacity- 50 Litres
  • APU provides 270 maximum current (at 28 Vdc) at sea level and ambient temperature of 45°C.
  • APU current limits its output 290 amp and will reduce the voltage accordingly to achieve this output current.
  • Indication
  • Analog [A]/[V] switch.
  • High temp. lamp
  • Clog filter lamp.
  • Start/Stop lamp.
  • Generator fault lamp.
  • APU ON lamp.
  • Low oil pressure lamp
  • Batteries Requirements
  • 24 Vdc, 300 amp hour