Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Management Solutions


Fixed Displacement Compressor Commercial Vehicle, Off Road

  • Wobble plate type compressor
  • Available in 130 to 160 cc configurations(SD7H13, SD7H15)
  • Available in 12V and 24V applications
  • Suitable for Commercial vehicles, Off Road Applications
  • SVL also offers 150 cc compressors for heavy duty truck application
  • Must/Dust Sealed
  • MAX 8500 RPM

Variable Displacement Compressor Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle

  • Internally & External controlled variable compressor containing 6 or 7 pistons
  • Wobble plate type,
  • Offers superior performance, better jerk-free, easy drivability across all operating conditions
  • Available in 100cc, 125cc & 165cc configurations ( SD6V10, SD6V12, SD7V16, SD7C16, SDV 7V HDT)
  • Suitable for efficient cooling and low power consumption application
  • Capacity of the compressor can be controlled from 6% to 100% giving high fuel efficiency.
  • Used in Passenger vehicles,  Light commercial Vehicles & Heavy Duty Trucks

Scroll Compressor Passenger Vehicle

  • Uses a unique design with two inter-locked scrolls, one fixed and the other movable
  • Gives continuous compression allowing operation at very high speeds, while maintaining a compact size and high volumetric efficiency
  • Scroll is a rotary compressor, suitable for low NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) & low power consumption. Provides jerk-free, easy drivability
  • Available in 60cc, 80cc & 86cc configurations ( STR06, STR08, TRL)
  • Suitable for up to 12000 rpm applications
  • Added a New Edge Scroll Technology TRL
  • Displacement of TRL is 5% bigger,weight and size is smaller.

Electric Compessor Passenger Vehicle

  • Electric compressor
  • Available in 33 to 45 cc configurations
  • Available in 500V and 800V applications
  • Suitable for Passenger vehicles
  • Less Noise with high efficiency & durability