Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Management Solutions


HVAC, AC, Ventilation Unit Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Off Road

SVL provides heating ventilation and air conditioning units with dashboard mounted and roof mounted applications. We have the capacity to supply 0.5 million HVAC units per year. Sanden Vikas HVAC units are suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUV, MUV, LCV and heavy duty truck applications. We also supply Blowers for Commercial Vehicles.

SANDEN VIKAS has full backward integration with manufacturing of heater core and a wide spectrum of cooling units such as PAF, TAF and Serpentine technology.

  • Provide high degree of comfort and reliability, supported by state-of-the-art technology
  • HVACs are designed according to vehicle specific requirements
  • Applications are available as HVAC, only A/C and only Heating units
  • Are always dashboard mounted for small vehicles
  • Special features: Electrically controlled HVAC are available for few selected models
  • Suitable for passenger car, SUV, MUV, LCV and Heavy Duty truck applications

Dashboard Cooling Unit Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle

  • Control of temperature, humidity, purity, and motion of air in an enclosed space, independent of outside conditions

Roof Mounted Cooling Unit Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle

  •  Auxiliary / Secondary cooling unit for 2nd / 3rd row seats
  •  Low power consumption, high efficiency, low noise
  •  Are not provided as stand-alone units