Emission Control Solutions

Emission Control Solutions

Catalyst - Gasoline / CNG / LPG / Bi-Fuel

CNG / LPG / Gasoline/ Bi Fuel & dual Fuel application Genset, HCV, LCV, MCV, Offroad Equipments, 2-Wheeler, 3- Wheeler

Ecocat India specializes in chemistries with a wide Lambda window to provide optimum conversions for HC & NOx. Our Three Way Catalyst (TWC) is typically used for Gasoline Application. At lean fuel mixtures, the exhaust gases contain little CO or HC but high concentrations of NOx whereas rich fuel mixtures produce high concentrations of CO & HC with little NOX.

Ecocat’s Three Way Catalyst technology provides after treatment solutions for CNG (lean burn & stoichiometric), Gasoline (lean burn & stoichiometric), LPG (stoichiometric) applications. In addition, technologies for abatement of pollution for bi fuel & dual fuel applications are also available.

ECOCAT’s Decentralized Chemistry™ ensures high temperature endurance on the field. Our TWCs are commercially proven as a market leader for CNG applications.