Emission Control Solutions

Emission Control Solutions

Emission Testing Solution

Chassis Dyno (120 KW) 4 Wheeler, 2-Wheeler

  • Compliance to BSIII, BS IV, BS VI, EURO V and EURO VI.
  • Emission Testing on Vehicles fuelled with Liquid fuels such as Diesel, Petrol, Methanol & their blends and Gaseous   fuels such as LPG, CNG and it blends with Hydrogen.

Transient Dyno (380 KW) HD, CPCB-IV, TREM-V

  • Compliance to BS IV, BS VI, TREM IV/V, EURO V, EURO VI & CPCB Norms
  • Evaluation of Engine Emission (Engine Steady State Cycle & Engine Transient Cycle), Power Test, Smoke Test etc.